Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seasonal flu vaccine update

We still have a limited supply of injectable seasonal flu vaccine.

We have also now received a supply of injectable seasonal flu vaccine, from the Vaccines for Children program, for our CalOptima patients.

Please call our office at 714-565-7960 to schedule an appointment for this important vaccine.

Remember - now is the time for the seasonal flu "season".
Don't wait to get your vaccine.
Call today!


Anonymous said...

Appreciate that the office has kept all parents updated on the Seasonal Flu Vaccine and HiNi however, when will be start seeing posts on other topics. I think it's fab that your office has this blog but I for one would like to see info on other topics. Just a thought.


Kendy said...

Thanks Mom2aTod.
We're working on it.
Keep checking in.