Monday, October 19, 2009

They say it's coming...

We have received notification that the H1N1 injectable flu vaccine will begin shipping to medical offices this week. We do not have any idea when it will arrive or how many doses we will be given. (We ordered several thousand doses).

We will update this blog just as soon as it arrives.

Our current vaccine availability is as follows.

In Stock:
Seasonal FluMist for 2 and older without underlying disease

Out Of Stock:
Seasonal Injectable 6 months to 3 years (waiting for next shipment)
Seasonal Injectable 3 years and older (waiting for next shipment)
H1N1 Injectable 6-35 months (waiting for 1st shipment)
H1N1 Injectable 3 years and older (waiting for 1st shipment)
H1N1 Nasal Spray 2 and older without underlying disease (waiting for next shipment)

Thank you again for your patience. We have no control over the timing of these shipments.

Remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these updates! It is very appreciated. Quick Question: Will you accept appointments now for H1N1 for next week since you are expecting them?

Kendy Maxwell said...

I'm sorry but we're just not comfortable making appointments unless we know that the vaccine is coming.

Parents get their hopes up and arrange their schedules to come in for the vaccine. In the past couple of weeks we have had to call to "put off" scheduled appointments.

I received info last weekend that the H1N1 injectable vaccine was shipping this week. Here it is Wednesday and nothing yet. Last night on the "news" they were saying that there are problems with production and shipments have been delayed.

Our worry is that you will make an appointment, you'll drive down here (because we couldn't get in touch with you) and we'll have no vaccine. You just won't be happy with us.